Wonderful Ideas Where to Arrange Flowers and Indoor Plants

If you can’t seem to think of enough ideas where to place houseplants, or the weather is changing outside and you need some improvisation, no problem. You can still build a lush summer garden inside your four walls, no matter how much living space you have. There are different... View more

Ways To Style Your Living Room Table!

It is no surprise for Min Ayn to give such crazy and fabulous ideas on how to style your living room table! Your living room table is the focal point of your room and styling it can be a task, so dressing it up in the best way possible is... View more

Candle Holders

Everything you’ve done to decorate your space brings out a personal touch. However, it still invokes a sense of emptiness. Adding simple candle holders to any space will complete the decor plus make it feel cozy. Maybe part of your New Year’s resolution is to make your space feel more... View more

Celebrate Father’s day with Minayn

Celebrate Father’s day with Minayn

Today is Father’s Day, a day that takes pride in appreciating the contributions of a father and sacrifices that he makes for his child. From picking us from school and dropping us to our activities class, his life eventually became all about his kids and his family. Fathers have spent... View more

Stylish ways to use our storage box!

Storage boxes compliment your style and are perfect for hiding your things from plain sight. We at Minayn bring to you contemporary storage ideas and ways to use a simple yet stylish storage box. Free up the space on your table by making use of this storage box to keep your... View more

5 irresistible hacks you have to try!

Don’t you ever feel the urge to be creative, crafty, adventurous with your home decor but hold back due to the additional expenses of the month? You may even want it to be more customized, more personal – something that screams you? If you too shy away from being... View more

Min Ayn Ramadan Best Buys!

With the Holy Month approaching us, it’s time for you to get into the spirit of Ramadan. Ramadan is the season of prayers and generosity. In this month of giving, you’re sure to open your homes to friends and family. Why not make a style statement while you’re at it? You may... View more

Easter is here!!

With Easter just around the corner, there must be additional items on your shopping list. This would imply scouting the mall and putting in hours to pick the perfect gift for your loved ones – in short, a real hassle! Well, it’s time for you to skip the long... View more

Intriguing ways to use our marble ball with pedestal!

Marble is considered to be one of the greatest findings of the world of home decor and interior design. It has received a makeover of sort over the past years – to make it more appealing for your home. If you’ve stuck with us since day 1, you’re defenitely... View more

7 surprising ways to use our marble box!

Marble has recently made a huge comeback in the world of interior design and home decor having received a modern makeover. Today, marble based products can be found in all leading furniture stores. It is priced as a symbol of taste and is known to bring a look of classical elegance to your... View more

6 Creative DIY hacks and tricks!

Decorating your house can certainly be a disconcerting task. You’re still new to this part of your life, and you haven’t had much experience figuring out the right ambience but we are here to help you figure out what’s best for your home. If you’re struggling with organization,... View more

Express your love this Mother’s Day!

Celebrated each year on the 21st of March, Mother’s Day is dedicated to supermoms across the world – a day to celebrate the power of caring, inspiring and lifting one another! After all, that’s what mothers do. It goes without saying that being a mother has unanimously been called... View more

Crazy ways to reuse our Min Ayn Key Box!

Thanks to the constantly evolving home décor platform, the concept of using products for multiple purposes has gained immense popularity. It is no longer a surprise to see tea pots doubling as planters or even a spoon stand! These, and all such similar advents, have led to the rise of multi-purpose items as... View more

7 Ways To Reuse Old Teapot Sets!

You Will Be Surprised! Home Decor is all about minute details and creative ideas. It involves a lot of mix and match suited to your preferences. A recent trend in home decor that has gained popularity is reusing old items in a different context altogether. Most people today, especially women,... View more

The Min Ayn Journey!

Welcome Min Ayn Family, We call you the “Min Ayn Family” well, because you chose to join this journey with us and let’s be honest; we are all family even if we aren’t related by blood! Min Ayn is the Arabic meaning of “From Where?”; Translates to where we get our products, how... View more

Contemporary Home Decor You Need This Ramadan 2020

Ramadan is the holy month of the year and is understood to be the season that people are expected to be social and most likely to perform their beliefs and religious practices. Fasting, praying for the introspection of spirits, and gatherings with Muslim families/friends are to be carried out,... View more

Design Your Home With Decorative Milk Can and Flower Arrangements

Flowers have proved to be the universal sign for various emotions – love, friendship, happiness, and sorrow. It is no surprise that flowers have earned the reputation of instantly transforming any space into a bright and welcoming environment. While flowers are a popular accessory in many homes, arranging these... View more

How To Transform Your Home This 2020

Home decorating might be a great idea while staying at home and nothing to do. A home makeover can bring you to transform your life with spirits up, giving you a better outlook.  Just like when you got a new hair cut or getting your nails clean and done? ... View more

How To Make Your Home Look More Elegant

What’s the best thing to do while you are staying at home these days? Well, to add up some beauty and comfort at home, and for the sake of your own creativity, why don’t you try to redecorate your home? Whether you want your space to be more elegant,... View more

Buy Elegant Candle Holders To Decorate Your Home

  Min Ayn Candle Holders If you are thinking of buying candle holders to decorate your home, you need to make a perfect choice of design. Illuminating your home with a decorative motive can be fun and in a creative way, you’ ll definitely feel at home as you always wanted. Candleholders... View more

Tips On How To Style Your Wooden Table

Who says a table is just a mere surface for setting snacks and drinks? With the perfect pieces, you can create a stylish addition to your décor. However, you also need to make sure that it does not come in the way of its functionality. And oh! let us not... View more